Month: January 2018

The Launch of the Fruehauf Wielton Maxispeed Semi-Trailers Is Planned for 2018

Back to May 2015, the largest Polish manufacturer of trailers and agricultural equipment, Wielton SA, signed an agreement with Fruehauf, which leads the French semi-trailer market. The agreement is aimed at mutual business development and strategic cooperation. According to various estimates, thedeal value is considered to be from €10 to €12 million. Under the agreement, WIELTON SA was to buy 65.31% of Fruehauf’s shares at once with the possibility to acquire the rest of the shares (34.69%) at the end of 2017.

Fruehauf is known as one of the leading manufacturers of trailers and semi-trailers. It is especially popular in France with 44% market share in the trailer segment. This American-based company with a German name produces up-to-date quality semi-trailers, despite some difficult moments in the company history. The brand lived through a hard time in the 90s and a fairly possible prospect of finishing the business in 2009.

This …