5 Tips for Used Car Buyers

When someone visits a car dealership in hopes of driving away in a low-mileage pre-owned vehicle, it can be easy to get caught up in a sales pitch. However, there are ways to avoid being taken for a ride. Below are several tips on making the right decision when buying a used vehicle.

Know About the Target Vehicle

Various online and print resources can give buyers an idea of what they should pay for a pre-owned car or truck. Age, mileage, and condition are important considerations, and customers should ask fact-based questions during the sales process. When a customer knows what they’re buying, they can make informed decisions.

Write Questions Down

As a buyer does his or her research, they should write questions down as they arise. If the question turns out to be inconsequential, it can be ignored. However, if a buyer thinks of a good question to ask and they don’t write it down, it could lead to trouble.

Be Prepared to Walk Away

When a buyer is desperate, sellers often capitalize on it by not offering the best deals and using high-pressure sales tactics. If a customer knows they can walk away and find a great deal somewhere else, they’re less likely to get pulled into a bad deal. Being able to walk away puts the buyer in a powerful position because most used car dealers need to move inventory quickly.

Bring Cash

Paying in cash adds finality to the sale. A buyer who pays in cash does not have to worry about being approved for a loan, and he or she doesn’t have to worry about the car being sold before they can get financing. Car dealers live by the belief that money talks and when someone’s ready to buy, they can use cash as a way to get a better bargain.

Bring a Friend

When a person is inspecting a pre-owned vehicle, it may be helpful to bring someone who knows about cars. Do an inside-and-out inspection, and look over the car’s engine. Because the other person won’t be emotionally invested in the purchase, they can prevent a buyer from making a costly mistake.

The more discipline and information a buyer has, the more the process will work in his or her favor. Visit Xtreme Motors Ltd for the best deals on pre-owned automobiles.