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How Does Hansen Price Help in Diminished Value Estimate In an ideal world, people would use the roads safely, and there would be no motor accidents. In case the motor accidents happen, the car could be repaired and return to the value it was just before the accident happen. However, the world is not ideal, and therefore motor accidents happen daily. To make things worse, the value of the car happens to reduce whenever it is involved in a car accident. Even after the vehicles have been perfectly repaired, the initial value is not restored. The lost value is explained by more than one factor. However, the underlying fact is that a car accident results in loss of value which is referred to as the diminished value. To understand the diminished value clearly, compare to vehicle models bought the same day, covered the same mileage and due care has been ensured. Consider that one of the vehicles have been damaged in a motor accident. The car is then delivered to the auto body shop, and it is repaired using the parts that were specified by the manufacturer. The owner of the car that was involved in the car crash and that of the one not involved in the accident decides to make the sale of their car the same day. Do you think that buyers are ready to pay the same amount for the two vehicles. The value of the car that has been implicated in the crash is usually lower than that of one never in involved in the crash. The difference between the value of these two vehicles represents the diminished value. One thing to ask you is what makes the diminished value of one car more than that of another. If you use the manufacturer specified part for the repairs, you will get a higher DV value. Ensure that proper repair is done to the car after the crash. This value should not be let down the drains. Follw the insurance company to sell the value so that you can be restored to your former state.
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To qualify for the DV; your car ought to have been involved in a motor crash. It should not be your fault that your car got damaged. It is provided for vehicles that are less than ten years. If these conditions are met, consult a diminished value specialist who will help in the calculation of the DV accordingly. Do not take your claim directly to the insurer. They will try to hoodwink you in accepting a petite offer that is not commensurate to the real Dv. Hansen price is diminished value specialist helping car owners get the real compensation for the car accidents. Let their experts discuss your case with you so that they can help you.Why People Think Resources Are A Good Idea