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Low cost Vehicles are driving the expansion of automotive trade in emerging economy, resembling China & India. Although steam-powered road automobiles were produced earlier, the origins of the automotive trade are rooted in the growth of the gasoline engine within the 1860s and ’70s, principally in France and Germany By the start of the twentieth century, German and French manufacturers had been joined by British , Italian , and American makers.

The industry produced a total 14.25 million autos together with PVs, commercial automobiles (CVs), three wheelers (3W) and 2W in April-October 2015, as in opposition to 13.eighty three in April-October 2014, registering a marginal progress of three.07 per cent, year-to-12 months.

The most important feature of this enhance was that most of it occurred outdoors the United States Although American production continued to grow, its share of world automotive manufacturing fell from about eighty percent of the overall to 20 percent.

As a end result, the quantity of whole manufacturing sales accounted for by automotive industries rose from 14.7% in 2009 to 21.6% in 2012, broadly consistent with the historic average since 1992 (Chart 4). When expressed in current dollars, the share of whole manufacturing accounted for by automotive industries increased from 10.9% in 2009 to thirteen.9% in 2012, nicely beneath the height of 21.9% recorded in 1999.

Ford Motor Company holds a three% stake in Mazda , a 12.1% share in Aston Martin , a forty nine% share in Jiangling Motors Ford and Navistar International have a 50-50 joint venture called Blue Diamond Truck Ford and Sollers JSC have a 50-50 joint venture known as Ford Sollers Both Ford and Koç Holding own a forty one% stake in Ford Otosan Ford and Lio Ho Group have a joint venture known as Ford Lio Ho , Ford owns 70% and Lio Ho Group owns 30%.