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Recent Changes to Medical Cannabis Law in California The debate on marijuana usage is not something new to the public. The question being asked is if cannabis legalisation in the U.S. is beneficial. Those who stand behind this motion claim that legalizing this product will bring revenue to the state. They go further to claim that the consequences of the drug are fewer compared to alcohol. The individuals who are against this idea say that legalizing will only result in many people consuming the product particularly the young generation. They also point out that driving under the influence of marijuana is more dangerous than driving under the influence of alcohol. Legalization of cannabis requires the state to set the right age, places, and measure of consumption. Thus, you cannot be ticketed, arrested, or convicted for using the product as long as you follow the set law. However, if anyone fails to follow the state law on licensing and taxation, they can be arrested. Thus, this is the reason that one should find a cannabis lawyer to help them understand the law and ensure that they follow it. Among the states that allow the use of cannabis is California. One of the many benefits that have made this state to support the use of this product is its medicinal value. An example is that the drug can help subsidize the side effect of cancer treatment. However, the growers and dispensers of this product are authorized and limited to a given number of plants and outputs per user.
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As a way of making sure that the drug is used well, California is making some changes. The state wants to set up standards for organic marijuana, permit samples at county fairs, and also allow home deliveries. This new change has come as a result of negotiations between marijuana business people, the lawmakers, and the governor. The change is aimed at merging the state new recreational marijuana law as well as a long-standing medical marijuana program.
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According to the bill, each business that wants to sell both medical and adult-use marijuana should separate and distinct the business. This is a complete change from the previous law that allowed the product both for adult-use, and medicinal product to be sold in one store. Separating of these businesses is essentials as it will make it easy to keep an eye on these companies and ensure that they follow the set rules. Setting up of this requirement has sent some members who work in this industry scrambling as they try to keep up. The unrest is there despite the fact that this is just a bill. cannabis law is ever-changing and if you are in this business, it is paramount to make sure that you are updated.