Road trips in Europe: tips and advice

If you have an adventurous spirit and are looking for some novel ideas for your next vacation, one of them might be to tour Europe by car. This gives you the opportunity to have a sense of belonging in the places you visit: not merely visiting as tourists, but as travellers. In addition, having a car will let you be completely independent. You can leave when you want, change itinerary according to your needs and you do not have to comply with the rules of public areas and transport. A road trip across Europe will surely be one of those unforgettable exciting life experiences.

But there are some aspects to take into consideration. In this article, we name a few.

Luxury car rental

Some checks are critical to avoid having any mishaps whilst on your road trip. Otherwise, we wouldn’t advise you to rent luxury car online, for a trans-European road trip. For example, you could rent a Land Rover SUV, which allows you to combine practicality, comfort and luxury.

You will get a safe and serviced vehicle, which has a full maintenance and a valid insurance policy to cover all risks. A luxury car rental is a wise choice especially because, excluding the rental fee, your only other expense is fuel.

Choose a suitable car for this experience. In order to enjoy all the new places you visit on your trip, the means of transport is crucial. It must be enjoyable and comfortable.

Why rent a luxury car for your holidays

For peace of mind while holidaying, rent a luxury car, rather than using your own because there are so many advantages. This is a list of all the major strengths of luxury car rental, for example, from a portal such as Vroomerz, you have all these opportunities.

1) Peace of mind: If you rent a luxury car, you do not need to think about checks, insurance or car stamps. The site’s staff will handle everything directly: all you have to think about is your travel itinerary, the nice things you want to do, see and enjoy.

2) Customisation: You can pick up your rented car at a place you like. Such as at a hotel, airport, on the day you prefer and at the time you choose.

3) Speed and simplicity: Renting a luxury car online is easy and fast. In just a few clicks, you can rent the model you prefer directly online, with no intermediaries or unnecessary waiting around for a quote. Moreover, all costs, car characteristics and rental conditions are clear and transparent on the site.


Before setting off on a road trip, we advise you to procure a tourist guide specially created for that occasion. In fact on the internet or in book-shops you can easily find guides dedicated to those who are intent on going on a long road-trip. You can choose artistic, naturalistic or cultural itineraries. Besides countless interesting tips for your road-trip in Europe, you will also find plenty helpful advice.

Which destinations

There are so many destinations. The coastal ones such as the Côte d’Azur, the northern coastline of France, or the Spanish Riviera that runs along the Mediterranean. These are certainly the most talked about places. An example of a trip: visit Catalonia or the Costa del Sol, stopping at the various localities of Lloret de Mar, Tossa de Mar up to Tarifa In these locations, the roads are in good condition and there are countless nice spots to spend a night or to stop for a few days and enjoy the cities you encounter along the way

We hope that find this article useful in organising your road trip across Europe.