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The Importance Of Wind Mitigation Inspection

Wind mitigation is the dynamics of adding specific features to your home that will help to withstand or increase resistance to high winds that are caused by a major storm or hurricane.

Wind inspection will cut you some slack when it comes to lowering your mortgage payments, this can be done by applying for credits on your homeowners insurance policy. The following are credits that will be offered to you, wind mitigation credits, new home discounts, and alarm discounts like burglary or fire. Countys with a shoreline in Florida, have areas that are considered wind borne debris zones. Thus, homes have to be constructed in a way that they can withstand high winds and wind borne debris. The houses need to be constructed in a specific way, through using roof truss and tying it down to the walls using a metal strap, the walls also have to have reinforcing bars either made of cement block or stud bolts through the bottom plate if it is made of wood. Those bolts and rebar keep the home in place, and help in avoiding damage because the structure will not be blown by wind or lifted and twisted.

You can use other essential roofing designs such as the 8-10d nails to fasten the roof deck, bracing on the gables or hip roof construction, hurricane shutters over openings like the windows and doors or the use of impact and wind type construction. How the roof has been constructed is why you should get a wind inspection because it will go hand in hand with the largest reduction in the in the homeowner’s premium. This is because every home built after 2002 and many built before that, have a high wind type construction. If the roof had been replaced in the past year, new Florida legislation has made upgrading the roof construction necessary. This means that many Florida homeowners are sitting on an opportunity that can reduce their mortgage payments.

The economy has made it hard to stay home, thus in order for you to be able to keep your home it’s more comfortable and better if you can reduce your monthly mortgage payment. It is as simple as getting a wind inspection. Some owners qualify for reviews at a reduced price. Tragedy, especially by hurricanes has shown a need for wind mitigation inspection and some inspectors have availed themselves by offering discounted fees to the homeowners. Other than installing shutters and hurricane proofing your home, you can get yourself the best premium for the same coverage or more appropriate coverage that will fit your need.

Wind mitigation inspectors not only help in determining which credit is best for you, but they also ensure that your home has the safety requirements that it needs in the case of a hurricane.

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