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What to Consider When Looking for an Auto Body Shop No one wants to be involved in an accident. The experience can be scary, especially if you get injured. After an accident, there are many things you have to take care of. Some of these include filing police reports, insurance claims and paying medical bills. Apart from these, you will need to take your car to be repaired. If you know of a reputable auto body shop, you can be sure your vehicle will be repaired within a short time. When choosing an auto body shop, keep the following in mind. Check the Shop’s Certifications By checking the certifications of an auto body shop, it is easy to know its reputation. Look for an auto body shop certified by your car manufacturer. A shop with manufacturer’s certifications means the mechanics are trained to work on specific vehicles. Auto body shops that have been certified also have the necessary tools needed to work on your vehicle.
Interesting Research on Vehicles – What You Didn’t Know
There are different industry associations that auto body shops may be members of. Confirm that the auto body shop you want to work with is a member of one of the associations. It is also advisable to confirm whether the technicians of the auto body shops have been certified by the national auto associations.
Interesting Research on Vehicles – What No One Ever Told You
Is Warranty Offered? According to auto experts, a professional auto body shop should provide a lifetime warranty. A warranty should be offered whether the bill will be paid by the customer or insurance company. A lifetime warranty typically means for as long as the customer owns the vehicle. Workmanship should general be offered with a lifetime warranty. Apart from this, vehicle parts should be subject to the vendor’s warranty. If an auto body shop does not offer warranty, this should raise a red flag. Don’t Settle for Less When a vehicle has to be repaired, you may be tempted to take it to an auto body shop recommended by your insurance company. However, according to the law, it is not mandatory to take a damaged vehicle to a particular shop that the insurer recommends. You can go to any auto body repair shop. If you do not trust the auto body shop recommended by the insurance company, you have others you can choose. One thing you should remember is that the auto repair shop is repairing your vehicle, not that of the insurance company. Take your vehicle for repairs to a company that you trust. Licensing of the Shop Finally, make sure the auto body shop you want to work with is licensed. You can contact the chamber of commerce to confirm the licensing status of the auto body shop.