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How to Check Out Samples at a Car Tint Shop The first step to a quality tint job is to find a quality tint shop, but it can be challenging to find one when there are plenty of choices. You can get recommendations from friends, relatives or colleagues who have tinted cars. You can check the Yellow Pages too or use an online quote service for convenience. In any case, there are a few things you need to look into before deciding on a car tint shop – business history, products used, warranty, customer service, and so on and so forth. But of course, none would be so important as being able to inspect samples of their actual work. After all, even if they sound so great, you won’t use them if you’re not impressed with their work. That means you should go to the shop and take a look at some samples – in person.
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Just a few minutes inside a car tint shop is often enough to give you a good idea of the kind of business before you. When you get there, ask them to show you a car they have already been tinted. Check the rear window. The film should be in a single piece instead of cut or in strips. This is the way professional tinters always do it. If the car has any ‘frit’ edges, check closely to make sure that the film extends far enough to include them too.
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Observe the surroundings – is everything clean and organized? Look at the tools and window films and tools – are they expertly laid out? Outdoor work areas must be totally avoided, as window tinting should only be done indoor where it is dust-free. Now move around and focus on the side window tint. The film should cover the window’s inside and it should be tight on the edges. Look very, very closely at the window film and check for bubbles or spots where the film isn’t very tight against the window. Both are signs of a bad tint job, and professional tint shops go great lengths to avoid both. On the other hand, if the film looks streaky or discolored, worry not as it normally takes weeks for it to dry and clear up. As you’re doing all these, remember the type, color, and darkness of the film you prefer. If the dealer doesn’t have what you want, there’s no need to settle. As mentioned earlier, there’s a lot of car tint shops these days, and it’s just an issue of finding the right one. It will surely require time and patience, but you’ll only have yourself to thank when you find your perfect match.