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What is Novel Engineering?

Engineering is not an easy course. One is required to read a lot of Mathematics and Physics. Other than learning theory, a person is required to do a lot of experimentation to prove a point, ideology, theories and laws. This is what shapes a person to become a qualified engineer. Aside from the engineering itself, there is a special type called novel engineering. This article will majorly focus on what novel engineering is about. First, one would define novel engineering as an organized form of learning that is aimed at educating students engineering and literacy. Note that the students in this case are those of junior level.

At these levels, novel engineering ensures that kids are equipped with engineering skills. This gives them an opportunity to face the tough future with courage. To be able to engage students actively, there are a number of things that students do while in novel engineering lessons. Just from its name, novel engineering encourages students to read novels. Besides, they are also encouraged to read stories, journals, magazines and other related texts. This forms the foundation of novel engineering.

In a systematic manner, challenges in the text are sorted out. Students need to be extra alert so as to pick all the problems in a text. Also, students work with their teachers so as to pick out all the problems. Afterwards, answers to each of the problem are designed. It is important to note that the answers should not be ambiguous. Fundamentally, this is what novel engineering is about. Clearly, involving students in such a process teaches them not only of the engineering design process but also equips them with literacy skills.

This type of learning allows students to act on design projects. The projects are extracted from the texts they read in class. The decision to choose a certain text entirely depends on an individual. There are cases when teachers insist on certain texts to clarify some concepts. Essentially, authors of novels are different and still write in different times. The authors have different motives while writing their own work. It is for this and other reasons that makes novels have different themes. There are those that are historical while some are philosophical. Some novels are philosophical while others historical. The list is endless.
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Having read a novel, students identify problems in the texts they have read and it becomes their responsibility to find realistic answers. While doing the same, they may find it necessary to ask their teachers disturbing questions. On other occasions, they may find it necessary to clear their doubts whenever they find challenging terms. Just as it is expected, teachers listen to their problems and handle each of the students independently. It is through exploring the different ideas of students and working together on their projects that equips them with engineering skills.A Quick Overlook of Professionals – Your Cheatsheet